The Next Generation of
DNA Deconvolution

Because justice should be certain.

A Breakthrough In DNA Analysis

Uncover genetic profiles in mixed DNA with unprecedented accuracy and precision.

Mixolydian unleashes the full power of genetic evidence by unmixing even the most complex DNA mixtures. Our DNA mixture analysis technology provides irrefutable evidence that enables true criminal justice.

The Problem

The Need for Trusted DNA Deconvolution

Genetic evidence recovered from crime scenes often contains the DNA of more than one person. The presence of multiple contributors in a DNA sample severely complicates analysis. Prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the courts rely on the ability to accurately analyze complex DNA mixtures. Yet, legacy solutions for analyzing complex mixtures fall short of ideal standards for justice.

The challenges with legacy solutions:



Require inputs, such as the suspect profile and the number of contributors to the mixture. This can lead to results biased by human estimation.


Provide estimates that cannot conclusively determine the presence of a person of interest.

Resource Intensive

Often require high performance computing and can take many hours to execute a single analysis.
The Solution

Unlocking Forensic Justice

Mixolydian’s proprietary technology separates mixed DNA samples into the genetic profiles of the individual contributors without the need for prior information or human estimation.

Clear and accurate DNA mixture analysis
A simple and easy to implement workflow
Fast results
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Mixolydian is the next generation of DNA mixture analysis. Through rigorous and dedicated research, our novel technology interprets complex mixtures with unprecedented precision, accuracy, and speed. Our mission is to raise the standard of trust in DNA evidence and enable true justice.

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